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William Schneider

Portrait view

Astri Wayadande

USDA ARS Research Scientist
OSU Adjunct Professor
Metagenomics, next-generation sequencing, diagnostics, emerging threats


  • B.S., University of Minnesota-Duluth, Biology
  • Ph.D., Michigan State University, Genetics



Dr. Schneider is a research plant pathologist for the USDA-ARS Foreign Disease/Weed Science Research unit at Fort Detrick, MD.  His work on plant pathogen diagnostics focuses on broad range approaches, looking for assays and protocols that allow for the simultaneous detection of all microbes in a given sample. Dr. Schneider’s lab has utilized several techniques as platforms for broad range plant pathogen diagnostics, including microarrays, macroarrays, PCR/ESI-MS and next-generation sequencing.

Dr. Schneider has actively developed collaborators within the field of diagnostics and forensics, including projects with scientists from NIMMFAB, the US Army Research Institute for Infectious Disease, and the Department of Homeland Security National Bioforensic Analysis and Countermeasures Center.