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  • Assess current National capabilities in microbial forensics as related to plant pathogens and food safety.
  • Provide strategic planning, a long-range vision and prioritization of needs and resources related to plant and food-related microbial forensics and agricultural biosecurity.
  • Interact with Federal and State agencies to develop targeted funding programs for high-priority research and technology development in plant- and food-related microbial forensics and agricultural biosecurity.
  • Establish a coalition of National and State investigators conducting research on crop and food biosecurity and forensics issues.
  • Provide Institutional recognition and a framework that will attract highly qualified faculty, post-docs, graduate students and technicians, and serve as a supportive infrastructure attractive to funding agencies.
  • Serve as a focal point for communication, cooperation, collaboration, funding initiatives, and outreach related to crop and food biosecurity and microbial forensics.
  • Develop educational (coursework) and training (workshops) opportunities related to agricultural microbial forensics for students and stakeholders, in cooperation with OSU-CHS (Tulsa) and other State and National agencies and entities.
  • Communicate and work in parallel, locally and nationally, with microbial forensics and agricultural biosecurity programs related to animal and human pathogens.